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4 Credit mistakes you will regret

Credit  Mistakes you will regret   If I had it all to do again… Have you ever played that game? Frankly it isn’t one that you should play all that often. There are a few lucky people who have regrets “but then again too few to mention” ala Frank Sinatra. But most of us have made more mistakes than we care to chronicle, even in our mind. Doubtless you have made some of these financial mistakes that you would take back if you could. If you are young enough not to have made these mistakes then count yourself among the lucky. Credit Card Debt: “Free money. No, really. It works! You buy things, and no money at all comes out of the bank. You get your stuff…WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. Yeah, you have to pay it off but you...

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6 Expensive Credit Card Balance Transfer Mistakes

Start Making Smarter Credit Card  Balance Transfer Moves Using a balance transfer to lower your interest rates and fees can be a great way to cut your credit card expenses if you do it correctly. Unfortunately there are many credit card balance transfer mistakes that can greatly increase your credit card bills. Some of these mistakes are very easy to make because most people are not aware of them. Here are a few actions you must avoid when you decide to transfer your  credit card balance, avoiding them can give you all the benefits of a lower interest credit card: Top Credit Card Balance Transfer Mistakes Missing a payment –  Most of the 0% interest offers out there will automatically end if a payment is missed. These days, a payment can be considered missed if it is one day...

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Why We Debunked 7 Credit Card Myths

  There are tons of credit card myths floating around, we deal with 7 of the worst offenders.  Credit cards are like many other financial instruments in today’s world—what you don’t know about them will hurt you. To make matters worse, a lot of the things you probably believe about the plastic in your wallet are dead wrong. To help you get a handle on your debt and use your cards properly, we will try to debunk some of the most popular myths out there. Understanding why these popular ideas are myths can give you more control over your finances.   The Big Credit Card Myths and Why They Are Myths Credit card rewards are always a good deal. Reward points that you will not or cannot use, such as airline rewards for a person who rarely flies, are...

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