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How the average person can save money quickly and easily

Simple Ways To Eat Healthy And Save Money On Grocery Bills

Eat healthy and save money on grocery bills

Eat healthy and save money on grocery bills

Food prices have been rising and will likely continue to rise, so what if there was a way to eat healthy and save money on grocery bills, lose weight and improve life expectancy all at the same time? A new study from the University of Illinois has concluded that it is possible to cut grocery bills while improving your life.

The new research which has been corroborated by a number of subsequent studies suggests a new diet that flies in the face of conventional wisdom. According to the study, targeted fasting at certain times of the week can increase life expectancy, reduce cholesterol and improve blood sugar levels, all while saving on grocery bills.

The idea is to restrict your diet to just 500 calories on 2 days of the week (600 if you’re a man). The best thing is that for the remainder of the days you can eat pretty much anything you like. And if you shop in season, plan your meals and use discount coupons yo cut grocery bills. It is entirely possible that not only will you lose weight but you will save hundreds of dollars.

Eat healthy and save money on grocery bills

Eat healthy and save money on grocery bills

The idea for this diet comes from old research that showed one of the best ways to improve longevity in mice is to eat a nutritionally rich but calorie controlled diet. Such mice go on to live up to 40% longer.

The growth hormone IGF-1 could provide the link: High levels of IGF-1 are needed when growing as they keep our cells constantly active and adapting, but in later life such high levels can contribute to aging which explains why this diet is not suitable for the young.

Fasting lowers levels of IGF-1 and also appears to help genes DNA repair themselves. So as we age, we tend to need much less of the growth hormone. According to studies, it is high protein foods such as red meat and fish that contribute most to the production of IGF-1.

And research confirms that a diet containing two days of fasting can help lose weight, control glucose levels and lead to longer life expectancy and you will be able to eat healthy and save on grocery bills

So what does a 500 calorie diet look like? Breakfast may be nothing at all or just be a stick of celery. According to the rules of the diet, it is OK to go hungry. A 300 calorie meal for example could consist of 2 poached eggs and ham or grilled fish with vegetables, so as you can see it is very easy to eat healthy and save money on grocery bills.

A great solution when facing hunger is to drink a full glass of water or eat a low calorie snack. As you can see, there are no hard and fast rules to the diet as long as the days where you are fasting are not consecutive.



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