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What are the High Employment Jobs for 2015?

High Employment Jobs

High Employment Jobs

Mathematicians have a huge range of opportunities in education, government, working in business and non-profits. Mathematicians rank as the #1  in high employment jobs’s annual jobs survey. Mathematical analysts judge millions of activities from internet visits to success or failure of businesses in an increasingly competitive environment.

Careers in technology, education and the sciences are among the most in demand jobs for 2015. The versatility and demand for mathematicians may be at its highest level following the global financial crisis, and the average salary for jobs in the industry ranks among the top in business at $101,360.

Tenured university professors ranked as the second most popular profession in the study. High income earning potential, a highly rated environment working on college campuses and low stress makes the field a desirable career move. However, tenured positions at most universities are on the decline as colleges battle for tuition paying students in the current troubled economy.

The average salary tenured professors pull in is $68,970, with a low projected growth rate of only 19%.

Another sort of mathematician, who also work with numbers, statisticians, ranked third in the study, with an annual average salary of $75,560. Statistical analysis is a growing field servicing a large number of industries, making statisticians high in demand jobs.

Skilled mathematicians may also find rewarding careers working as an actuary. Actuaries assess the financial impact of risk and uncertainty, focusing on financial security. Thousands are employed in the insurance industry but after the financial meltdown, banks, mortgage companies and other financial institutions began hiring actuaries in droves to research financial risk and assess possible losses.

High Employment Jobs

High Employment Jobs

Actuaries are the most demanded profession in business these days, ranking a jobs rated score of 103. Actuaries evaluate the probability of events to determine risk. As a result of higher demand, average salaries have jumped to hit $93,680 in the U.S. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects favorable hiring conditions for actuaries for years to come, thanks in part to Obamacare.

Audiologists rank as the fifth in high employment jobs in the Careercast study. Their average income is $69,720. With an aging population, audiologists are expected to be in demand for years. Audiologists help patients with hearing and balance problems. As hearing aid technology improves, devices become more attractive to patients, leading to growing demand for the profession.

Dental hygienists also rank sixth on the list, with an average salary of $70,210. Hygienists are in demand with an aging population that needs more dental work. The most skilled in the field can command higher wages and a flexible work schedule.


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