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How to Cut Driving Costs This Fall

fd-1After a summer that included some of the most bizarre weather in memory, autumn is almost upon us. Gas prices will stabilize, and the long road trips that may have marked your summer are a thing of the past. However, there are plenty of specific ways how to cut driving costs this fall.

Be Careful of Fall Driving Conditions: Few things come as a more unwelcome expense than unexpected car repairs. Two things mark the autumn a treacherous time to be on the road. In areas where it may not have rained in months the first rainfall will bring the road oils to the surface. Oil on the road causes driving conditions that mimics ice. Also, those beautiful autumn leaves are slick, particularly in intersections. Leaves are particularly treacherous if you ride a bike or motorcycle.

Tire Pressure: The hot summer days may have caused expansion of the air in your tires. Don’t be surprised if tires that are recommended to be inflated to 32 pounds per square inch are 35 or 36 psi when you check them. Over inflation leads to uneven wear and shorter tire life. Not to mention, a possible lack of control at highway speeds.

Insurance Review: If you have a family at home, you will probably drive less this fall than you did during the summer. It might be time to examine your insurance coverage to cut driving costs. If you have a good driving record and haven’t ever had an at­ fault accident opting for a higher deductible on collision might be a good bet. Hiking your deductible fromfd-3 $200 to $500 can cut your premium on collision by 15 to 30 percent. Go to $1,000, and you could save 40 percent. But put that jacked up deductible aside so you can pay it if your luck runs out.

Get an Electronic Toll Pass: Toll roads and bridges are becoming more commonplace. An electronic pass (EZ Pass in the Northeast, Good 2 Go in Washington State, SunPass in the South, FasTrak in California) saves money over ala carte tolls. But there is an additional saving. Idling in a toll booth line wastes gas and fouls the air.

Ride Sharing: Ask around and see if there is anyone at work who also lives near you. You will likely enjoy the companionship. Certainly you will enjoy the savings on commute cost. It also looks good. fd-5Trust me, people notice when you drive alone in your Ford Explorer.

Consider Jettisoning the Second Car: It may be the most extreme solution, but the greatest savings are likely found in getting rid of one of the vehicles. With rental options, think ZipCar, available it might be the best, albeit bravest, choice you could make. Enjoy the fall. Enjoy it even more cutting driving costs this fall.


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