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How the average person can save money quickly and easily

Why people lose money in the stock market

There are all sorts of ways to lose money, but these are some of the reasons why people lose money in the stock market without even trying. Keep your eyes open for these 9 ways. 9 Top Reasons Why People Lose Money in the Stock Market 1-Overtrade There are two ways to over trade but both are equally as damaging to your portfolio. The first is by jumping in and out of the market too many times in an attempt to catch lots of short term moves. The problem is that the commissions for each trade significantly eats into profits and can destroy your chances. The second way to over trade is by risking too much capital on any one position, meaning that one bad trade can result in losses big enough to wipe out an entire account. 2-...

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Can They be Too Sexy at Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has found its way into controversy more times than the company might like, but a major advertising campaign highlighting sexy half-bare female models in its quick moving TV ads capture the eyeballs of millions. The company took flack for its “Bright Young Things” campaign that shows young ladies looking seductively from the pages of magazines and television earlier this year. Threats of boycotts and super stern faces emanated from pulpit to post as the company was slammed for being too sexy. But is it even possible? Can they be too sexy at Victoria’s Secret in this day and age? Diana Cherry, a mother of three in Seattle, got so angry that she started a social media petition calling for a boycott. She told “Family Matters,” an online parent’s site, as much. “This is not about my kids,”...

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Retailers that Benefit in the New Economy

Retailers that benefit in the new economy aren’t always the dollar stores and other bargain basement discounters. Instead, the dismal economy is giving a big sales boost to some unlikely stores. Decidedly high-end stores that cater to an affluent demographic are actually doing well in today’s new economy. Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST)–The king of club stores is doing extremely well these days, with revenue that increased 14% in the last year. That revenue reflects a real increase in sales; Costco’s net sales were up by 7% in January. At the same time Walmart reported a sales increase of just 1%. Discounters Family Dollar and Dollar General reported falling sales. So what’s behind Costco’s surge in such a tough economy? The most likely cause is that a lot of upper income people are belt-tightening, expecting higher taxes or an economic downturn. Those people...

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10 Wealthiest US Counties

Huge government job growth has pushed the Washington D.C. region into being a magnet for wealth, with six of the 10 wealthiest US counties being within close proximity of the nation’s capitol. The wealthiest counties based on per capita income are suburban counties that are adjacent to large cities. Government driven economic growth has replaced most of the traditional haunts of America’s rich. Wealthy contenders like Palm Springs, Manhattan, Connecticut and Beverly Hills, which traditionally make the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual list are replaced as the nation’s economy moves into a new era. 10 Wealthiest US Counties 1- Falls Church City, Virginia — This tiny independent city just to the west of Washington D.C. boasts an average yearly household income of $121,250. Observers credit wealth to the small size of the community and to the number of two-income households...

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tops NASCAR Drivers Wealth

Commercialism is boldly exhibited in NASCAR racing more than any other sport. Corporations buy driver sponsorship’s to advertise on racing cars. The era of big prize money has exploded, rocketing Dale Earnhardt Jr. to the top of NASCAR drivers wealth. NASCAR is a money-making machine that rivals only Formula One racing for bringing in the cash. Drivers get paid in three ways. The top 43 competing on the circuit for all but a couple of months during the year receive a base salary, pay checks from sponsors and bonuses for winning races and often for finishing in the top three. NASCAR maintains a pool of prize money, which is known as the purse that comes from TV deals and sponsors. The purse is divided into cash prizes awarded to top finishers in each week’s races and it also hands...

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Stocks to Play in Agriculture Boom

The agriculture industry has been in a state of decline for the last 30 years as dwindling demand and technological progress cut food production costs and led to difficult market conditions for farmers to make a living. But higher prices paid for grain and other products, including meat from cattle have led to an agriculture boom. As a result of the low margins and poor career opportunities, there has been a huge drop in people wanting to be farmers and the average age of a farmer is now 56, (in Japan it is 66). Most young people would rather study marketing than farming and this has led to a chronic lack of supply in the industry. The lack of farmers combined with the impact of severe droughts has seen prices for agricultural commodities hit record levels. As the world...

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