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Quick Easy Ways To Find Low Income Divorce Lawyers

Tips on Finding Low Income Divorce Lawyers

Almost every state has some sort of legal aid when you need low income divorce lawyers. It is best to start off with legal aid societies, social services, small business associations and the American Bar Association. These locations usually have information on various lawyers including those who are willing to help low income households with divorce.

Federally Funded Legal Aid Locations

Legal aid programs through the Federal government may be of help to you. These societies and locations are funded through government grants. They employ paralegals and lawyers who are willing to offer free services, including divorce settlements. To qualify for a federally funded aid program your income must meet certain criteria. This income qualification varies based on which state you reside in. Typically, you can find these offices through the SBA, phone book, or with an online search.

Bar Associations

Bar associations will help you find lawyers who are willing to take on pro bono work. Through the association many register for pro bono programs allowing you to find legal advice for free. Many are also linked with nonprofit agencies that provide free legal help and divorce settlements. Like federally funded locations, your income will qualify you for help or not. It is also going to vary from state to state.

Self-help Legal Clinics

Several states have self-help clinics for legal advice. These can be found through social services, legal aid offices, and bar associations. Typically, these locations work if you have a question or two. They can also be helpful if you have documents for divorce, but want someone to quickly look over the agreement to make certain it is in your favor.

Legal Help Lines

Like hotlines for domestic violence, there are legal advice hotlines, which may be able to point you towards legal services for low income divorce needs. The laws differ in each state, so you need to call the helpline in your state for proper advice and help.

Sliding Fee Programs through Lawyers

low income divorce lawyers

low income divorce lawyers

If you do not qualify or have not found someone through these other methods, you may try to locate a lawyer who offers a sliding fee program. This means the attorney will set rates based on your income. They offer the program to help those who do not have income to pay regular fees, but also do not qualify for free legal services. Each state has programs like this. Visiting government websites can often help you find these sliding fee programs.

Referral to a Lawyer

Sometimes, if you have a good reference through word of mouth, a lawyer may offer you a payment plan or a lower than normal fee. It will depend on the situation and is not something you can depend on 100% of the time. However, it is worth asking around with your friends and families if they know someone who may be able to help with your situation.

Low income divorce lawyers are available. It just takes a little research, networking, and time to find someone you feel you can trust and who is willing to discount their work to your affordability level.


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