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Easy Tips on Low Income Health Insurance

How to Get Low Income Health Insurance

low income health insurance

low income health insurance

Since the launch of it is possible to find and apply for low income health insurance. Instead of using the government health care program, as any individual would, you need to apply for and enroll in Medicaid or CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) programs. These are the only two plans available for low income families. Through one of these programs it is possible to find free or low cost coverage. The programs are run by Federal and State governments, meaning the details on how to apply, when to apply, and if you qualify can vary.

You can apply for Medicaid or CHIP anytime of the year. There is no limit to the enrollment period as long as you qualify for the programs.

Program Qualifications

The qualifications are based on household size, age, disability, and income. You are required to fill out an application disclosing everything about your household and income asked about on the forms. It is possible to fill out the application online at the healthcare website or visit a state page for Medicaid and CHIP. The form can be turned in electronically or by visiting a local government office for health care insurance.

Medicaid Details

Medicaid is for low income families, people, children, individuals with disabilities, elderly, and pregnant women. Certain states will cover all adults who are within a certain income level; while others require a specific condition to be met such as a disability. Medicaid programs follow Federal guidelines; however, coverage and costs can differ from state to state. There are certain Medicaid programs that are attained through private insurance companies and others that pay for care directly.


low income health insurance

low income health insurance

CHIP is specifically for children in families where the family earns too much to qualify for Medicaid coverage. CHIP can also cover parents and pregnant women, but it is largely for the children only in families that make too much, yet cannot afford to cover their children for health care.

Applying for Low Income Coverage

You can visit the Health Insurance Marketplace to apply for either program, whether it is the open enrollment period or not. The form is online with all the questions you will need to answer. It is important to have all information readily available to you including the age of all family members, social security numbers, health issues, and all income details.

It is also possible to visit to apply for the CHIP program. This is a direct link to CHIP only. As with the Medicaid application and marketplace website, all information about your income and health conditions will need to be entered in order to determine your qualifications.

Important Notes about Coverage

Not all states are changing their Medicaid program now that the government health care website has launched. This means old or existing rules apply for qualifications. The amount of income required to qualify varies from state to state, which makes it difficult to list all details here. To obtain low income health insurance you must fill out the application and wait for the state to approve or deny coverage based upon your answers.


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