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How the average person can save money quickly and easily

Easy & Quick Money Saving Tips for Moms

Money Saving Tips for Moms

Moms have to get savvy when it comes to money pretty quickly, so here are some top tips to help moms save money. You may find a few of them a little weird or wonder why you didn’t think of it at first. No matter how you might feel after reading these, you are now ready to start saving.

Sponges Can be Halved

As a mom you probably use sponges for a lot of things from cleaning the bathrooms every week to the dishes. Sure dish cloths are nice, but sometimes they just don’t take care of the dirt and grime in the kitchen. If you are someone who uses sponges then cut them in half—that’s right you can take a new one out of its package and cut it in half to use the other part next week. It is a lot better than trying to keep it usable week after week by putting it in bleach or the dishwasher.

Saying No is a Proper Lesson

Money saving tips for Moms

Money saving tips for Moms

It is hard to say no to a cute face. Your children’s eyes get all misty or they plead with you in such a cute way, but you can say no. You have a budget and your desire is to save money for the better things rather than instant gratification. So, the next time your child wants those cookies, a new game, or something that is not in the budget just say no and absolutely stick to it. This teaches your children responsibility, but more importantly, it helps you show them the reward of saving.

Libraries are your Friend

Did you know your library is getting better and better? You now have the option of finding more books in the library and in electronic versions. You have DVDs, music, and much more in the library, as well as through e-sources. Depending on your library system you might have access to a free membership to a top media website like Hoopla. Libraries also offer courses for free. If you want to better yourself to get a new job or work from home you can take these courses and save money when doing it.

money saving tips for moms

money saving tips for moms

Create Toys

Think back to your childhood and when you were the happiest? Do you remember the time you sat in the kitchen with the pots and pans playing drums? Perhaps you took all those pots and pans out to play hide and seek? Making toys can be just as fun as buying them. In fact, it often means more to your children because they can help you make them. This gives them mommy time when you focus on them.

Bulk Grocery Shopping

There are plenty of warehouse stores out there. There is no excuse for you to avoid buying in bulk when you have children. Buying a few items at a time at your grocery store is more expensive than buying in bulk. You might need to use baggies to divide it instead of using individually wrapped food, but at least you save money at the store.

These are just a few of the many ways moms can save money that can get you on that next vacation, buy you a new fridge, or send your kids to college in a few years.


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