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Most Disliked US States

High state taxes and cold weather may contribute to making Rhode Island and Illinois the most disliked US states to live in, according to a new Gallup poll. Only 18% of Rhode Islanders and 19% of Illinois residents surveyed said they liked their state, while three western states ranked as the best places to live in the nation.

The poorest state in the country based on incomes, Mississippi, ranked as the third most disliked state. Another southern state, which has had some of the highest levels of poverty in the nation for decades, Louisiana trailed in the fourth position. A tough economy and lack of jobs contributes to the most disliked states rankings.

Residents in the most urban East Coast and Midwest states also don’t think much of their home states. Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois and Rhode Island aren’t liked much at all to round out the 10 most disliked US states.


1. Rhode Island 18%
2. Illinois 19%
3. Mississippi 26%
4. Louisiana 27%
5. Michigan 28%
6. New Mexico 28%
7. New Jersey 28%
8. Maryland 29%
9. Missouri 29%
10. Connecticut 31%
The survey demonstrates that the nation is splintered, with some states recovering from the Great Recession to make the 10 Best States in the U.S. list, while others are still in the depths of economic turmoil suffering from a long divided economic period of hard times. High unemployment and economic hardships are still hurting millions of Americans, including many who are unable to find work.

Massachusetts, New York and California are often maligned by their residents for being too crowded, terribly polluted with smog and hit with high taxes, but none of them ranked poorly in the survey. Higher employment levels in the three states contribute to residents happiness.15001536515_5fa7754670_o

Texas was the only heavily populated state that ranked among the best places to live by its residents in the Gallup poll. A strong regional economy and higher rate of employment helped to boost the states standing.

Many of the states with happier residents are those we regularly see on the fast-growing economy list, including Utah, Wyoming, Alaska and Colorado. Michigan has experienced a recovery in some sectors of its economy after the U.S. government bailed-out the auto industry, but still placed fifth on the disliked list.


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