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Why the next stock market crash is close

Why do we think the next stock market crash is coming soon?

next stock market crash

next stock market crash

There are lots of facts pointing to the stock market crashing again very soon. We witness alarming financial news, with sales figure in a continue fall for retailers all across the United States, and thousands of stores closing their doors to the public. The middle class consumer is steady and slowly disappearing from the country’s economic landscape and this is one of the direct causes of the apocalyptic collapse that we are witnessing today. Bills keep on piling, while median household income is falling. The average American has today much less of disposable income than in the years past. The stock market reacts to the economic news and gives signs of heading for a crash. The economic climate seems weak and there are signs of an apocalyptic crash coming soon.

With so many scary financial news headlines in the media, it is just natural to ask yourself the question: “is the next stock market crash is close?” The truth is about to worry us all. Our economic downfall might happen sooner than later. And it will not be pleasant at all. This will be the single largest financial event in our human history. The collapse of the dollar will let us in a state of financial turmoil and economic chaos with no precedent even in what we call The Great Depression of the 1929. It will lead to unprecedented civil unrest and maybe even to civil war or global war. In a global economy that is so interconnected today, this event will not only touch the lives of Americans but also the life of every person in the world.

Is the next stock market crash coming soon? You can bet it is. As American dollar has become de facto world currency, no money in history has ever had so much impact as our dollars. The fall of our currency will bring the fall of the global financial system and economy. This collapse will spread fast worldwide. Today, all our human activity is money controlled. Our government, our work, our food, our wealth, and even our relationships are controlled by money. The collapse of the American dollar will make all other currencies collapse look pale in comparison. The collapse of the dollar will lead to the collapse of all other fiat currencies and all paper assets, with universal inconceivable results for the world economy.

Is a stock market crash coming soon? How can we doubt it, when the economy is already looking so depressing? The next stock market crash might strike any day now, and there is overwhelming evidence to support this claim. Wise investors are already starting to prepare for the “unthinkable”. The Dow has touched pre-crash highs and the stock market is on the verge of an historic collapse. There are market analysts who predict the American dollar collapse,  the stock market crash and a global economic recession that will be bigger than the “Great Recession”.

Robert Wiedemer, a prestigious economist who predicted correctly the collapse of the equity markets and U.S. housing market, declared recently that the coming market crash will result in 50 percent

next stock market crash

next stock market crash

unemployment, a 90 percent drop in the stock market, and 100 percent inflation. And what is most scary, it is expected to happen within this year. Is he right in his scary prediction? Is the another stock market crash coming soon? With his track records of fulfilled economic predictions, there are high chances he is right.



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