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How the average person can save money quickly and easily

Quick Easy Ways To Find Low Income Divorce Lawyers

Tips on Finding Low Income Divorce Lawyers Almost every state has some sort of legal aid when you need low income divorce lawyers. It is best to start off with legal aid societies, social services, small business associations and the American Bar Association. These locations usually have information on various lawyers including those who are willing to help low income households with divorce. Federally Funded Legal Aid Locations Legal aid programs through the Federal government may be of help to you. These societies and locations are funded through government grants. They employ paralegals and lawyers who are willing to offer free services, including divorce settlements. To qualify for a federally funded aid program your income must meet certain criteria. This income qualification varies based on which state you reside in. Typically, you can find these offices through the SBA,...

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4 Credit mistakes you will regret

Credit  Mistakes you will regret   If I had it all to do again… Have you ever played that game? Frankly it isn’t one that you should play all that often. There are a few lucky people who have regrets “but then again too few to mention” ala Frank Sinatra. But most of us have made more mistakes than we care to chronicle, even in our mind. Doubtless you have made some of these financial mistakes that you would take back if you could. If you are young enough not to have made these mistakes then count yourself among the lucky. Credit Card Debt: “Free money. No, really. It works! You buy things, and no money at all comes out of the bank. You get your stuff…WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. Yeah, you have to pay it off but you...

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Why people lose money in the stock market

There are all sorts of ways to lose money, but these are some of the reasons why people lose money in the stock market without even trying. Keep your eyes open for these 9 ways. 9 Top Reasons Why People Lose Money in the Stock Market 1-Overtrade There are two ways to over trade but both are equally as damaging to your portfolio. The first is by jumping in and out of the market too many times in an attempt to catch lots of short term moves. The problem is that the commissions for each trade significantly eats into profits and can destroy your chances. The second way to over trade is by risking too much capital on any one position, meaning that one bad trade can result in losses big enough to wipe out an entire account. 2-...

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6 Expensive Credit Card Balance Transfer Mistakes

Start Making Smarter Credit Card  Balance Transfer Moves Using a balance transfer to lower your interest rates and fees can be a great way to cut your credit card expenses if you do it correctly. Unfortunately there are many credit card balance transfer mistakes that can greatly increase your credit card bills. Some of these mistakes are very easy to make because most people are not aware of them. Here are a few actions you must avoid when you decide to transfer your  credit card balance, avoiding them can give you all the benefits of a lower interest credit card: Top Credit Card Balance Transfer Mistakes Missing a payment –  Most of the 0% interest offers out there will automatically end if a payment is missed. These days, a payment can be considered missed if it is one day...

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Pro’s and Con’s of debt consolidation and bankruptcy

Debt consolidation and Bankruptcy Millions of consumers are battling to pay debts they cannot afford, including delinquent mortgage payments. Filing bankruptcy may seem like an easy way out, but under new U.S. bankruptcy laws consumers may still be damaged for years. Debt consolidation or settlement may be a better option, as consequences from a personal bankruptcy may be far more disastrous than you could ever imagine. Financially troubled consumers in debt assume there is no way to convince creditors how bad things are to obtain a reasonable settlement or get more time to pay their bills. But there may be help from creditors more than many consumers realize. Debt consolidation is similar to refinancing debt. It gives debtors’ the ability to pay lower interest and a lower monthly payment. For starters, calculate what a reduction in monthly payments would do...

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Deal Smartly with Credit Card Delinquency

There’s no doubt the majority of Americans are under financial stress. Nearly 75% hold at least one credit card and the average delinquency rate has reached $15,607. Erratic spending habits can land consumers in a huge financial mess. If you have been battling credit card delinquencies, and don’t know how to fix them, Getting Money Smart has damage control techniques that can help deal with credit card delinquency. Restore Your Account  Make a list of accounts that show credit card delinquencies from your credit report. If they are not charged off yet, get them back to current status by paying off the past due amounts if you possibly can. Then keep making minimum monthly payments on time.  Making regular timely payments will put a stop to the late entries on your credit report as you clear up the mess and...

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