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How the average person can save money quickly and easily

Vital Signs of Financial Good Health

When we go to a medical doctor, there are a few things that are almost guaranteed. A fairly long stay in the waiting room, a check with a thermometer, stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. Except for the time in the waiting room, these are instruments to measure your vital signs, which are the physician’s rudimentary road map to your overall health. Financial good health also has vital signs. As it turns out when it comes to money matters, financial good health isn’t that much different from the physical signs. Credit Score = Thermometer, Except in Reverse: The higher your FICO, the healthier you are for right now. If your credit score is low, you are financially ill. But you don’t have to stay that way. Take the necessary steps (a credit card that you pay off every month. Responsible...

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Ray Rice Financial Impact on the NFL

I am sick to my stomach. More than once I have watched the security video from the elevator in which Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice threw a right punch at his then fiance’  and now, almost unbelievably, his wife. She is lucky to still be alive. Rice is lucky not to have suffered the same fate that Carolina Panthers’ wide receiver Rey Carruth suffered when he hired a contract killer to dispose of his wife. There are very real societal questions that ought to be asked as a result of Rice’s actions. Very real changes are in order. However, for all of the hand-wringing in the NFL corporate offices, and for all the interviews that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will do as he attempts to smooth over the league’s image (and keep his job) the questions linger: Will the...

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Can They be Too Sexy at Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has found its way into controversy more times than the company might like, but a major advertising campaign highlighting sexy half-bare female models in its quick moving TV ads capture the eyeballs of millions. The company took flack for its “Bright Young Things” campaign that shows young ladies looking seductively from the pages of magazines and television earlier this year. Threats of boycotts and super stern faces emanated from pulpit to post as the company was slammed for being too sexy. But is it even possible? Can they be too sexy at Victoria’s Secret in this day and age? Diana Cherry, a mother of three in Seattle, got so angry that she started a social media petition calling for a boycott. She told “Family Matters,” an online parent’s site, as much. “This is not about my kids,”...

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Taxes Cause US Corporations to Flee

High corporate taxes the U.S. government is levying against companies are triggering a mass exodus of U.S. corporations to avoid the nation’s 35% corporate tax rate. Some corporations are even considering mergers with European counterparts so they can move headquarters to nations with lower tax rates. The latest is New York-based Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE). The drug giant’s $98.7 billion takeover bid for Britain’s AstroZeneca is a “tax shelter” to reduce the American corporations tax rate to a much lower 20% in the United Kingdom. The timing of the AstroZeneca deal seems to be no coincidence as the company reported a 15% drop in profits. The deal is so important to Pfizer that CEO Ian Read flew to London to try to talk Her Majesty’s Government into approving the deal. British observers are afraid that Pfizer will only use...

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tops NASCAR Drivers Wealth

Commercialism is boldly exhibited in NASCAR racing more than any other sport. Corporations buy driver sponsorship’s to advertise on racing cars. The era of big prize money has exploded, rocketing Dale Earnhardt Jr. to the top of NASCAR drivers wealth. NASCAR is a money-making machine that rivals only Formula One racing for bringing in the cash. Drivers get paid in three ways. The top 43 competing on the circuit for all but a couple of months during the year receive a base salary, pay checks from sponsors and bonuses for winning races and often for finishing in the top three. NASCAR maintains a pool of prize money, which is known as the purse that comes from TV deals and sponsors. The purse is divided into cash prizes awarded to top finishers in each week’s races and it also hands...

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Top 5 Secrets To Getting Rich

Other than a large slice of luck, what do you need to become the next billionaire investor or technology entrepreneur? What separates the Steve Jobs and Warren Buffetts of this world from the rest of us? Here are our Top 5 Secrets to Getting Rich Easily Confidence. If there is one thing that all successful business people have in abundance it is confidence in their own ability. Having confidence in a strategy or business plan enables them to be able to carry out their plans even during times of difficulty. In 2008 for example, many investors were thrown off course and eventually shut down their businesses. For Warren Buffett, however, it was a case of sticking to the business strategies that had performed so well over the past 20 years and waiting for the good times to return. Doing...

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