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How the average person can save money quickly and easily

Top tips on saving money this Halloween

The festive season is rearing its head and it is the period that most people love to hate but they never bring themselves to that. First up is Halloween. While you may want to go all out, it is worth saving the money for Christmas which is just around the corner which will then present another opportunity for you to save even more money. But first let’s deal with Halloween and no we will not be talking about how to avoid the kids that will be knocking at your door all night trick or treating. Instead we will look at how you will be able to meet all the obligations and still keep saving money this Halloween.

saving money this halloween

saving money this halloween


One of the areas that you can either save a lot or spend a lot in Halloween is in costumes. However, by keeping a few things in mind and implementing some smart shopping tips, you should be able to come up with great costumes and still save yourself plenty of money.

Swapping costumes; chances are that the costumes that you and your family wore last Halloween will not be the same ones that you wear on this occasion. Instead of simply putting them in a box and throwing them in the attic, you can swap these for the ones that you would like to have these Halloween. In some instances, you might want costumes that are a bit pricey but all you have to do is hand in your old ones and add a little money to match up the price. As simple as that, you’re able to get new costumes at a complete bargain saving you money this Halloween.

Shop at thrift shops; there is a lot that you can get at thrift shops and the best thing is that they all come at a greatly reasonable price. You can be able to get the spookiest Halloween costumes at thrift shops and the best part is that unlike the cost they would attract when they are new, you’re able to get them at a discount here.

Bargain shops; these are an alternative to the thrift shops. They may be a bit more costly but they still save you money either way.


One of the things that you will be handing out this season is candy. It is synonymous with every Halloween. However this is another chance for saving money this Halloween that you can take advantage off.

saving money this halloween

saving money this halloween

Hit big discount stores; given that candy will be flying off the shelves, you can rest assured that all candy stores will be working to make sure that they are more flocked with buyers than their competitor. Discount to help in saving this Halloween is the way they do this.
Make your own; the other way to go about it is get a few candy recipes and make them yourself. It can be a fun time or you and your siblings.

Check for coupons on candy; this is another way of cutting costs on your especially if you don’t know how to make the candy yourself.


You will need the decorations to make the feeling hit home and that is a given. However, this don’t come cheap but there is a way that you can go around this.

DIY decorations; these are a great way of feeling up the Halloween spirit. The best thing is that you can go as wild as you want and also it gets you saving money this Halloween.


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