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Top 5 Secrets To Getting Rich

Secrets To Getting Rich

Secrets To Getting Rich

Other than a large slice of luck, what do you need to become the next billionaire investor or technology entrepreneur? What separates the Steve Jobs and Warren Buffetts of this world from the rest of us?

Here are our Top 5 Secrets to Getting Rich Easily

Confidence. If there is one thing that all successful business people have in abundance it is confidence in their own ability. Having confidence in a strategy or business plan enables them to be able to carry out their plans even during times of difficulty. In 2008 for example, many investors were thrown off course and eventually shut down their businesses. For Warren Buffett, however, it was a case of sticking to the business strategies that had performed so well over the past 20 years and waiting for the good times to return.

Doing good. While there are plenty of examples throughout history of people getting rich off the misfortune of others, these days it is far easier to obtain wealth by servicing the needs of those around you. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin – all have given us products or services that have transformed the world and made our lives easier. Likewise wealthy investors Warren Buffett and George Soros give back significantly to the community through their philanthropy, this is one of the major secrets to getting rich.

Secrets To Getting Rich

Secrets To Getting Rich

Penny-pinching. One thing many wealthy individuals have in common is that they are extremely careful with their money. If they weren’t they probably wouldn’t be wealthy in the first place. It’s often said how Warren Buffett lives in the same house he’s had for 40 years and eats in the same steak restaurant around the corner. Similarly, legendary investor Jim Rogers doesn’t even own a car. His reason? ‘He lives in New York City so has no need for one.’

Discipline. Another one of the secrets to getting rich is being aware of something that all successful investors or entrepreneurs have in common, which  is to be ‘business- like’ at all times and maintain the utmost discipline when it comes to money. Every cent adds up and it is these small details that eventually lead to amassing a relative fortune. Buffett famously says that investing is only effective when it is at its most business-like. That means no jumping in and out of stocks, no guessing future returns or bailing on losing investments for the sake of it. Too truly succeed in business it is necessary to conduct yourself professionally at all times and make the important decisions needed to break away from the pack.

Courage. It is one thing to have confidence in something but without having the courage to do anything about it, it’s unlikely that your idea will ever make you truly rich. Becoming mega rich requires more than just confidence and a willing attitude, it takes aggression, our last and probably most importaant of the secrets to getting rich.  An aggressive mindset enables the ambitious to leverage their knowledge and power and take calculated risks in reward for big money. Or as George Soros puts it, when you have ‘tremendous conviction to a trade, you have to go for the jugular. It takes courage to be a “pig”.


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