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What you get with Spirit Airlines No Frills

Spirit Airlines no frills

Spirit Airlines no frills

“No frills.” As an airline passenger you once thought that phrase meant that you weren’t going to get a full meal winging your way from L.A. to New York City. “Hmph,”  you said to yourself. “Across the country on a packaged sandwich.”

Then Southwest Airlines came along. When Southwest first began national service the meals went completely away. Passengers got a handful of peanuts for every leg of a long flight. There were lots of peanuts because there were lots of legs. A flight from Portland, Oregon to Houston, meant stops in Oakland, Orange County and El Paso. Passengers who endured the whole trip got a standing ovation at Hobby Field in Houston.

No frills, courtesy of Southwest. It couldn’t get more frill-free than that. Except it just did. Spirit Airlines no frills has put the pioneering spirit back in air travel. What makes them different than other low-cost carriers?

Your Ticket Gets you on the plane. The ticket price doesn’t include a paper ticket (not a big deal) checked luggage (Ohhkay) or a carry-on (What?). With Spirit Air’s “ala carte pricing” the kinds of things that come included with a normal airline are add-ons. On most airlines, someone on board wearing three shirts and two pair of pants would be considered eccentric. At Spirit, he’s just “frequent flyer Bob.”

Not a Fine Print Reader? May God Have Mercy on You. Arrive 45 minutes early for your flight

and your ticket will have been canceled without refund. You see, legalese said you had to check in an hour before your flight, or forfeit the ticket price. Your tiny little seat is sold to someone else , and it happens often with Spirit Airlines.

What Do You Mean, “Tiny Little Seat?” The FAA states that a Boeing 737 is dangerously overloaded if more than 168 people try to cram themselves into the passenger compartment. Delta’s listed passenger capacity is 137. Spirit Air has 167 seats on board and they are working on fitting the 168th one in there somehow.

Spirit Airlines no frills

Spirit Airlines no frills

American Airlines Calls Themselves “Something Special in the Air.” What do Travelers call Spirit Airlines no frills? A flying bus.

But none of this is to say that you shouldn’t fly Spirit Air. The company flies to the proper airport and can do it for a cheaper price than any other carrier… as long as you play by the rules. While fuel prices have skyrocketed, and other airlines are either going bankrupt or merging with someone else, Spirit is flourishing.

Spirit, rather than siphoning off a finite market, is changing the paradigm of the airline business by expanding the market. In 2012 only 7.4% of Americans took even one flight. The prices at Spirit Air no frills are so low that folks who might opt for Greyhound are taking a look at flight times.

Have you ever imagined yourself setting out from Independence, Missouri and tackling the Oregon Trail? Spirit Air is the new Conestoga Wagon. Not for everyone. But certainly for some. After all we all want to fly cheap so why not go with Spirit Airlines no frills and spend your savings on shopping once you arrive!!


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