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How the average person can save money quickly and easily

Take in a Baseball Game & Save Money

bb-2Whether it’s the crack of the bat, the great defensive plays, or the chance to sing your team’s 7th Inning Stretch song with 50,000 of your best friends, there is nothing like an afternoon or evening at the old ball game. Baseball is as American as apple pie.

You would like to take in a professional baseball game more than once a year, but the prohibitive cost makes it something that is a rare luxury. Tickets, food, drinks and a souvenir can run the tab up and over the $100.00 mark. Is there anything that can be done? Your friends at Getting Money Smart want to help to take the sting out of seeing your favorite players at home plate and save you some money to boot.

1- Parking: You have budgeted for everything that I named above and driven to the stadium. Before you’ve even seen a foul ball, much less caught one, you run up against someone in road crew attire with his hand out. “$25.00 please.” That’s if you’re lucky! Some of the newer downtown ballparks (as well as venerable and cramped Wrigley Field) will ask closer to $50.00 for the privilege of not towing your car for the next four hours.

What to do? Scout the terrain a day before if possible. Less than two blocks from the main parking lot you can often find a cheaper parking lot, or even street, parking for next to nothing. Baseball is a warm weather sport. You’ll enjoy the stroll.

2- Tickets: Baseball is the most affordable of the four major sports even with tickets at face value, and it’s not even close. There are deals to be had, though, for all but the most premium and playoff tickets. Stub and Craigslist offer deals for the fan able to plan ahead. Several teams are advertising “Dynamic Deals” for selected (usually midweek) games. Tickets can be found for as little as $8.00 for these events.

3- Team Gear: You’ll want to slip on a new hat or jersey with team logo and graphics for the big game. And so you bb-3shall! Stop by the team’s “dugout” store near the stadium before game time. You’ll find team apparel at an average of 30% less than you would pay for a comparable item inside. Root, root, root for the home team.

That’s all well and good but do you want to have a great time and REALLY save a bundle?

Take in A Minor League Game near You: Chances are there is a minor league franchise affiliated with a major league club playing at a little ballpark near you. See the stars before they get rich. Watch the future major leaguers hone their skills. See the whole thing for $25.00. That would be ticket, parking, hot dog, soda, and team cap included.

From the Clinton (Iowa) Lumber Kings (short season — A ball affiliate of the Seattle Mariners) to the Eugene (Oregon) Emeralds (short season A ball affiliate of the San Diego Padres) you can experience the warm lazy nights of summer surrounded by that most representative experience of Americana. Play ball, and do it on a budget.


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