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10 Wealthiest US Counties

wc-1Huge government job growth has pushed the Washington D.C. region into being a magnet for wealth, with six of the 10 wealthiest US counties being within close proximity of the nation’s capitol. The wealthiest counties based on per capita income are suburban counties that are adjacent to large cities.

Government driven economic growth has replaced most of the traditional haunts of America’s rich. Wealthy contenders like Palm Springs, Manhattan, Connecticut and Beverly Hills, which traditionally make the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual list are replaced as the nation’s economy moves into a new era.

10 Wealthiest US Counties

1- Falls Church City, Virginia — This tiny independent city just to the west of Washington D.C. boasts an average yearly household income of $121,250. Observers credit wealth to the small size of the community and to the number of two-income households composed of husbands and wives with high paying jobs in the area.

2- Loudon County, Virginia — This county has grown into being the second richest and fastest growing because it contains Dulles International Airport and many government offices. What was once a sleepy agricultural backwater now boasts an average annual household income of $118,934 and one of the lowest poverty rates in the United States (3.2%).

3- Los Alamos County, New Mexico — The wealthiest county west of the Mississippi is also heavily dependent on government jobs. Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the atomic bomb was created is located in Los Alamos County, north of Santa Fe. The average household income in Los Alamos County is now $112,115 a year.

4- Howard County, Maryland —Located midway between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Howard is also one of the best educated counties in the U. S. Around 58.3% of it’s residents possess a college degree. The average household income is $108,234 a year, proving that education does pay.

wc-25- Fairfax County, Virginia — The historic region where many of the battles of the Civil War were fought now has an average household income of $106,960 a year, as well as one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Employers in Fairfax include the CIA, headquartered at Langley, Virginia.

6- Hunterdon County, New Jersey — Many corporate headquarters in this county provide high incomes for company executives making the median annual household income $103,301 a year. Interestingly enough, most of the county’s residents work in New Jersey and very few of the wealthy residents commute to Manhattan for work.

7- Arlington County, Virginia — Located just across the Potomac from Washington D.C., Arlington is home to many government jobs, including those at the Pentagon. It is also the most educated county in the nation. Figures indicate that 70.1% of Arlington County’s residents hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Annual median household income in Arlington County in 2013 was $99,255.

wc-38- Douglas County, Colorado — This former ranching area located just south of Denver has become one of the nation’s most affluent and fastest growing counties. It is headquarters of many large corporations, including Dish Network, Western Union, Teletech and Liberty Media. Average yearly household income is $98,426, not bad for an area that was nothing but a cow pasture 30 years ago.

9- Stafford County, Virginia —This small Washington suburb is also very affluent. It has a little over 100,000 residents, but an average annual household income of $95,927. The county also has a very low unemployment rate of about 5%.

10- Somerset County, New Jersey — Somerset County is home to Rutgers university located in New Brunswick and has a median household income of $95,574 a year. Over 50% of the county’s residents hold some sort of college degree. Like Hunterdon County, Somerset benefits from the many corporate headquarters that are located in the Garden State.


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