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Top advice on how to get Cheap Travel Insurance

How To Get Cheap Travel Insurance Travel insurance rates vary markedly, but we have come up with some great answers on how to get cheap travel insurance.  As such, you are advised to thoroughly sleuth the market before you settle for any. Read on to know to get the best deals with good cover at great rates 1. Never buy travel insurance policies from  travel agents, tour company or airlines as this usually costs more.  You are better to decide on the cover you need and search the web for available policies for the countries and age bracket you require.  There are many good quality companies selling travel insurance on the net, you can deal with the insurance company directly without large commissions.  It is recommended that travel insurance policies should cover treatment expenditure of at least $3m for...

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What you get with Spirit Airlines No Frills

“No frills.” As an airline passenger you once thought that phrase meant that you weren’t going to get a full meal winging your way from L.A. to New York City. “Hmph,”  you said to yourself. “Across the country on a packaged sandwich.” Then Southwest Airlines came along. When Southwest first began national service the meals went completely away. Passengers got a handful of peanuts for every leg of a long flight. There were lots of peanuts because there were lots of legs. A flight from Portland, Oregon to Houston, meant stops in Oakland, Orange County and El Paso. Passengers who endured the whole trip got a standing ovation at Hobby Field in Houston. No frills, courtesy of Southwest. It couldn’t get more frill-free than that. Except it just did. Spirit Airlines no frills has put the pioneering spirit back in...

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